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Payment Options

Payment Options

To lose someone you love is a devastating human experience. Therefore, it is important to be realistic with
respect to funeral expenditures. We do not want your choices to be more than is affordable, nor less than you
would like. It is important that the arrangements be in keeping with your wishes and budget.
In an effort to provide the finest services possible, we are dependent upon the families we serve for making payment prior to services and ceremonies. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding and in order to provide you with financial flexibility, we offer for your convenience the following payment options:
  • Check/Cash
  • Money Order/Cashier’s Check
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Assignment of insurance on verified life insurance policies.
    • Policy verification must occur using funeral Resource Group, which charges a fee of 3.9% for policy verification and processing.
  • Colorado Department of Human Services (Public Aid) — Verification of benefit eligibility will be made before services are provided. Click here for a list of contact information based on the county in which the deceased lived.
  • Payments by Estate — We require that a member of the family pay funeral expenses and file their claim for reimbursement with the decedent’s estate.
If you anticipate a problem or difficulty in meeting these obligations, please feel free to discuss your situation with us.

Colorado State Burial & Cremation Assistance

The Colorado State Burial & Cremation assistance program provides financial assistance to help pay for funeral, burial, and/or cremation costs.
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To Access Funds Available

You must submit an application to the Colorado State Burial & Cremation assistance program at the County Department of Social/Human Services where the deceased individual resided. Please also visit the Colorado Department of Human Services website, call (303) 866-5700 or e-mail
Additional Helpful Information

Eligibility Requirements

The deceased must have been a recipient of Aid to the Needy Disabled, Aid to the Blind, Colorado Supplement, Old Age Pension, or Medicaid while they were alive; and:
The estate of the deceased individual must be insufficient to pay reasonable expenses;
AND persons legally responsible for the support of the deceased individual are unable to pay because of insufficient resources.

The total cost for the funeral/burial/cremation cannot exceed $2,500. The maximum contribution from the Burial & Cremation assistance program will be reduced by the decedent’s estate. The County Department of Social (Human) Services will determine whether any funds are available from the decedent’s estate or from legally responsible persons that will reduce the Burial & Cremation assistance program benefit.

The maximum reimbursement depends upon the program from which the decedent received benefits.

For individuals age 60 and over who were receiving Old Age Pension or Medicaid at the time of death or for individuals of any age who were receiving Medicaid benefits for families and children at the time of death, the Burial & Cremation assistance program contribution is limited to a maximum of $1,500.
For individuals who were receiving benefits from Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND), Aid to the Blind (AB), Colorado Supplement to AND or AB, or Supplemental Security Income/Medicaid-Only at the time of death, the Burial & Cremation assistance program contribution is limited to a maximum of $1,000.
Note: This information is not intended to constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon in lieu of consultation with appropriate legal advisors or the appropriate government agencies. It is possible that the information may not be current as the laws or government policies may have changed.
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