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Obituary for Tina Elizabeth Berkey

Tina Berkey passed away on July 2, 2019 at The Medical Center of Aurora.

Tina was such a joy to be around. She always brought light into a dark room. As she would say things were good aka “Awesome Sauce”. Tina had a very petite figure and she loved to dress and always stayed up with the newest trends and fashions. Her hats were her prized collection, any hat you could think of she had. She had to match her hats with her outfit and of course her shoes and purses. She inspired to become a model in her mid-20s and always kept that sense of uniqueness and creativity with her. She was full of charisma and was proud who she was and made it known. She didn’t go to the party, she was the party. She was just a girl full of life. She loved to go to jazz festivals in downtown Denver and would take her two sons every chance she had. Her sons were her world and she thrived only to see them enjoy the fruits life. A mother of two strong men; she was so proud them. Antwan with his strength and Gerome with his love, she made them who they are and they will forever carry on her legacy. She had two precious dogs, Lacy & Princess. Lacy, a Katrina survivor embodied Tina’s love. Princess a little Chihuahuawho took on her playfulness and laughter. They both are adorable, and she cared for them like her own kids. She was incredibly proud of her sons. Anytime she called, knowing there was caller ID, she’d say, “Hey it’s your mom boy.” Her son Antwan remembers anytime he injured himself she was frantic and ready to hop on the first flight to kiss his injuries. Her other son Gerome remembers spending quality time with her in her favorite place, “the kitchen”. this is where they bonded every Sunday and developed very special memories. Tina loved to cook, she would cook food, deserts, and anything she liked on Lisa Ray’s cooking show (her favorite show by the way) and then not eat them; she just enjoyed cooking she loved the art of cooking. Tina loved to remember the good times by collecting her memories in making photo albums, she had books with hundreds of pictures of everyone who touched her heart throughout her life. Tremaine her son’s (Antwan) father remembers when she use to sit down in the basement and watch him draw for hours; he doesn’t know why but she really loved his drawings. She also held on to both her son’s artwork no matter what is was.
Suzanne (her mom) remembers she would come up for a long weekend in Denver and they would go get their nails and toes done. They went out to dinner a lot and would have slumber parties in her room. It was tons of fun. When she left this world, she created love in everyone’s heart. God truly blessed us with an angle on 17 February 1974. Her love lives on through her family, she has 3 amazing siblings Justin Pinter, Albert Guse, and Wilhelmina Guse. Her legacy lives on through her sons Gerome Hicks and Antwan Morrow. And her wonderful mother Suzanne Berkey vows to keep the family together. Now she is able to finally rest in peace and find out who her father truly is.
Her viewing will be held at 1300hrs and the “home going” service will begin at 1400hrs.