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Obituary for Alexus Emily Keith

Alexus Emily Keith also known as Lexy, or better known as Alexis, age 20, passed away unexpectedly in the home she shared with her sister, early Thursday morning, April 25th, 2019. Alexus was born on December 29, 1998 in Washington state into the arms of Kimberly and Glenver J Keith.

She was the fourth born of six children, the baby sister of the family. Shortly after, Kimberly relocated with her children to their long term home in Denver, Colorado in year 1999, just as Lexy was getting ready to turn two years old. Their grandfather Warren G. Keith joined the family when they moved; he was who taught Lexy how to walk and soon after was the one to continue taking her on walks to school until the 5th grade. She attended Exposition Elementary School and with the help of a favorite teacher Mr. Romaro developed a love for education. Continuing on to Prairie Middle School as well as Denver Green School where she formed a significant amount of friendships; some friendships she has til’ this day. Reaching her teen age years Alexus attended Overland High School and graduated with a diploma from Goal Academy.

Within that time she met her first love Quari Kyle and before long blessed this world with a beautiful baby girl named Madilynn Novella Keith. Being raised by a mother who taught her to make the best out of everything, she adopted the perspective of looking forward to being a great mom. Alexus embraced motherhood at a young age and continued to mold and love her daughter into a brilliant, sweet, kind hearted girl. She had an innate drive to make Madi proud. Madilynn was the most important factor to Lexy, her goal was to be able to provide her daughter a home to which in her final days she was working with Professional Bureau of Collections; one of the most highest paying occupations she has ever had. This was a huge accomplishment that made the family and herself immensely proud. Alexus enjoyed sports such as cheerleading and volleyball, as well as taking on hobbies that included modeling and her love for music. She had a deep dedication to her family; she made sure to be present at family dinner every Sunday. Alexus felt her most happiest when she was surrounded by her family those days. Alexus also developed a curiosity and crave to be closer to God.

Alexus was a social Butterfly with a strong personality; she spent her free time hanging out with friends, mostly doing fun activities with her daughter and her niece Mia. Breakfast was her favorite time of the day, cooking up a storm of bacon (you could smell it from the hallway!), and was the best in the family at making tacos. She loved to sleep in and ease her mind with the flowers of this earth hahaha; she never complained to take the girls on a walk. Lexy was a peaceful soul. Getting dolled up and looking outstanding was the easiest for Lexy to do. When you see her you could always expect her lashes to be flared and perfected; her hair placed perfectly to a strand. During her final moments Alexus had managed to be in the best place in her life; she was working hard and planned to receive her license in September following her 21st birthday in December. She planned to move to Florida with her family within there five year plan because she had a love for travel and a need to be near the ocean. She was very soft spoken, a phenomenal listener and extremely humbled. a very petite women who will bring the rage if needed. If there was one word to describe Alexus that would be loved, no matter the situation she approached it with much grace during her time on this earth. To know her is to love her.

Alexus Emily Keith departed this earth leaving to morn her loss and cherish her memory by father of her only child Quari Kyle; her daughter Madilynn Novella Keith; her first love her mother Kimberly Keith along with her husband Mack; grandfather Warren G Keith (Pop); four brothers that include Shyray Smith, Darrion Denzmore Jr., D ‘Angelo Carter, Elijah Keith; two sisters that include LaKeisha Keith, Tiffani Keith; niece Mia Lopez; nephew Shyray Smith Jr.; an expecting niece who will be named after her in tribute; an immense amount of additional family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Although Alexus has physically passed, she is very much still with us in spirit. We must remember that we can never possess a person but always remember and cherish the moments that we got to experience her.

“ I just wanna sleep for some years. Try again next lifetime” - Lexy