Monuments & Headstones

Headstones are typically used as the memorial of any person who has passed away to serve as a remembrance of their life. This stone is usually installed in a chosen cemetery and this is mainly done as the identification mark since there are many people resting in the same cemetery. There are many designs available for all types of these stones. It is natural that no one thinks about these stones unless someone is in the later stages of life or if a loved one has just passed away.

Have you ever heard about pre-need these stones where people choose to plan ahead? This stone can be ordered and set on a cemetery plot in advance without a death date engraved. This can be done by contacting the chosen cemetery, and a monument company.

Many families have already selected their final resting place and loved ones who discuss these decisions can call the cemetery to make sure all the procedures can be carried out with regards to the shipping and installation of this stone correctly without facing any issues. Details should also be given on the size and the letters that must be imprinted on the this stone. It would be wise to also ask your cemetery directly about the correct requirements regarding the size of the stone that is allowed in the cemetery along with the installation procedures and also the materials that can be used in the cemetery for making the this stone.
Granite is usually the most commonly used type of material for a headstone or tombstone. Material Type, Size and Design play an important role in head stone approval and installation at cemeteries. It is also best to be sure your design fits with the style accepted by the cemetery. For example, many religious cemeteries require religious symbols to be used. A few simple phone calls or visits can help ensure an easy ordering process for a loved one's head stone. 
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